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The Sims, as anyone who plays can attest, takes on a life of its own. I created this blog so I could keep track of my sim stories and share them with others. I've always wanted to write stories but unfortunately I'm not very good at it lol I am hoping that just as my house building has improved so will my storytelling abilities.

My main family is called the Snookers. My goal was to move 1 sim into Relfamtown and see how the population would grow. I hope you will follow along with me.
If you would like to see all the stories in the Relfamtown series then click on Snooker Chronicles to the left and start at the bottom of the list.

UPDATE - Well since I had a major meltdown and lost Relfamtown, the Snookers are now in Sim Heaven and there will not be anymore updates on them :-( Out of the bad comes good though and Tesime is a new neighbourhood that I created for the Test of Time challenge. I hope you will enjoy their stories as well !

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Saturday, 31 March 2012

Tesime - Round Nine : The Gallant chapter

Forest Gallant was the heir to the Gallant homestead. Thankfully he had his eye on Ida Benet and both family's decided it was a good match. Females are hard to come by these days ! On the day that Ida moved in with the Gallant's everyone was very happy. Her new mother in law Rose cooked up a wonderful trout stuffed with wild berries and herbs to celebrate and over dinner they got to know each other. River was quite taken with Ida and spent as much time with her as he could. To prove she wasn't a slacker quite a bit of her time was devoted to tending the crops. During his last visit with the family, brother Basil, taught Forest how to play Tesime Finger Trap so of course both he and Ida spent many a night entertaining themselves that way and growing more fond of each other. The days flew by and before long River aged to a teen. His prospects for a mate are not looking good unfortunately. The family thought they might be cursed when a vision of a flaming angel appeared before them. Scared out of their minds they ran around praying to, screaming about, and crying over a more powerful being that could control them.
Gallant: Tra, Rose, Forest, Ida (Benet) and River

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