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The Sims, as anyone who plays can attest, takes on a life of its own. I created this blog so I could keep track of my sim stories and share them with others. I've always wanted to write stories but unfortunately I'm not very good at it lol I am hoping that just as my house building has improved so will my storytelling abilities.

My main family is called the Snookers. My goal was to move 1 sim into Relfamtown and see how the population would grow. I hope you will follow along with me.
If you would like to see all the stories in the Relfamtown series then click on Snooker Chronicles to the left and start at the bottom of the list.

UPDATE - Well since I had a major meltdown and lost Relfamtown, the Snookers are now in Sim Heaven and there will not be anymore updates on them :-( Out of the bad comes good though and Tesime is a new neighbourhood that I created for the Test of Time challenge. I hope you will enjoy their stories as well !

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Sunday, 27 January 2013

Tesime - Round Ten : The Stonegate chapter

In Tesime all the kids cannot wait to reach adulthood so they can get their mate and procreate.  Shoshana and Marcus were no different.  As soon as Shoshana matured Marcus was on one knee to seal the deal.  Of course the youngun's were not the only ones to want love.  Now that April and Tre Gallant were widows it only seemed natural to spend more time together and before they knew it sparks were flying !  That bed was getting lots of action this time around as Shoshana shared the great news with Marcus that they would be joining the parents club.  From the grave Jared had been watching this new development between his wife and Tre and he was not impressed.
Stonegate: April, Marcus, Shoshana, May

Sunday, 13 January 2013

Problems with posting pictures in Blogger?

With one of the last changes that Blogger made I found that adding images to my posts had become a hair pulling, fist pounding, blood pressure raising affair ( yes I am temperamental :-P ).  Not being that savvy when it comes to the nitty gritty of computers I loved Blogger and the ease with which I could post updates on my sims.  So I was very sad when I realized the layout that I have worked with for several years had been changed on me.  The drag and drop feature for pictures had been fabulous but then they decided to change something.  The old saying works so well here - if it ain't broke, (all together now ) don't fix it !!  Anyway, I have been searching for others to see how they may have gotten around my issue but all I found were more lost souls screaming like I was.  Today I decided to play around with a post one last time before I moved my blog to an easier to use one and I think I may have figured out a solution to my problem!  If you were having issues like I was this may help you.