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The Sims, as anyone who plays can attest, takes on a life of its own. I created this blog so I could keep track of my sim stories and share them with others. I've always wanted to write stories but unfortunately I'm not very good at it lol I am hoping that just as my house building has improved so will my storytelling abilities.

My main family is called the Snookers. My goal was to move 1 sim into Relfamtown and see how the population would grow. I hope you will follow along with me.
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UPDATE - Well since I had a major meltdown and lost Relfamtown, the Snookers are now in Sim Heaven and there will not be anymore updates on them :-( Out of the bad comes good though and Tesime is a new neighbourhood that I created for the Test of Time challenge. I hope you will enjoy their stories as well !

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Sunday, 30 October 2011

Tesime - Round Seven: Introducing The Benet-Gallant chapter

It feels like yesterday that Violet Gallant was the first born child in Tesime and now we find her moved onto her own lot with her bridegroom, Jorn Benet. It didn't take long for Jorn to wonder though if her parents forgot a letter in her name and meant to call her violent instead :-o Mama Rose Gallant had taught Violet that the way to a man's heart is through his stomach and to make up for her less than hospitable behaviour Violet set about cooking a belly busting meal for her new husband. Jorn wasn't a total fool though and still remained on edge whenever she got close. In spite of a few rough patches he was taken with Violet's charm and was soon crushing on her harder than a satellite crash. Violet was beginning to warm up to Jorn as well but try as she might she was finding it difficult to hide her bristly side.

Wanting to prove her acceptance of this new pairing Violet called her father, Tre Gallant, and had him come by. She hoped that if both men got along well she would behave more like a loving wife should. After all her home life had been wonderful and her mother a role model wife. Seeing both men together Violet knew that Jorn was the right choice for her. That night before turning in, Jorn looked at Violet with those exotic gray eyes of his and pulled her close for their very first kiss. It was perfect ! As she swooned Violet thought maybe this wasnt going to be such a bad life after all.

A few days later some neighbours dropped by to see how things were progressing. Everyone got along well and enjoyed the perfect weather that Tesime normally offered. That night Violet grabbed a pouch and went to collect some fireflies. They cast such a romantic light inside their hut. While they slept a terrific storm blew through Tesime. The wind howled and the lightning lit up the sky. Inside their dwelling Violet was taken with sharp cramps and knew she would need to go outside to relieve herself. Once she was finished she stepped outside the latrine and BAM lightning stuck. She screamed as the bolt went through the top of her head to the the ground and Jorn rushed outside to see what had happened. Shocked ( haha pun intended ) at the vision before him he got her quickly back into the sleeping hut and tended to her wounds while she slept.
Benet-Gallant: Jorn, Violet

Saturday, 22 October 2011

Tesime - Round Seven: The Phan chapter

Once the children of Tesime became teenagers it was time for them to find a mate and move out to their own lot. It was now Ping's turn and the family bid him a fond farewell ( disregard the whole family waving off The Creator who accompanied him ! ) It was a joyful day and everyone gathered around as Hasan aged to a teenager. Parents, Cimon and Ashanti, were delighted that once again the bears had chosen to leave their family alone and their children were safe to grow up. Several days later Manchu and Cimon where out hunting for the family. Unfortunately the animals were not falling for the usual traps so they tried their hand at gathering. Because this was technically woman's work and the men were not familiar with plants they ended up with a terrible case of pioson ivy. Ashanti could not help but snicker when they came home and complained about the rash and itch.

The years were flying by and the baby of the family, Oringo, aged to a toddler. This would be the end of the babies for Ashanti and Cimon and they were ready to welcome some grandkids to their lives. Now that she had more free time Ashanti became a better cook than she already was and Manchu was the latest "spare tire" victim. A family that plays together stays together. After the aging ceremonies of Cimon, Ashanti and Mykelti the family spent some time admiring the stars and thanking whatever gods they believed in for their good fortune in life.
Phan: Cimon, Ashanti, Manchu, Hasan, Mykelti and Oringo

Tuesday, 4 October 2011

Tesime - Round Seven: The Lindt chapter

Now that the Lindt family is getting smaller things have quieted down a little. Being the 3rd in line Jeremy was very proud when he learned that it was time for his aging ceremony. He had been looking forward to this day ever since he was a wee thing watching his brothers follow in the tribes footsteps of becoming men. Neighbour Frida Benet knew that Shoshana was almost ready for her very own ceremony so she dropped by to help Rebecca out. Afterall, Rebecca knew the mens ceremony inside out but when it came to the female one she was a little uncertain. Unfortunately Frida helped herself to a little eye candy while she was visiting and became enamoured with Jeremy ! This could cause lots of trouble down the road as she was starting her new life with Ping Phan :-O Thankfully the rest of the family was blissfully unaware of what had happened. Abner was the next one to age. A few days later Samuel and Rebecca joined the elder ranks. With age comes wisdom and they hoped to lead their offspring into the next chapter of their lives.
Lindt: Samuel, Rebecca, Jeremy, Abner and Shoshana