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The Sims, as anyone who plays can attest, takes on a life of its own. I created this blog so I could keep track of my sim stories and share them with others. I've always wanted to write stories but unfortunately I'm not very good at it lol I am hoping that just as my house building has improved so will my storytelling abilities.

My main family is called the Snookers. My goal was to move 1 sim into Relfamtown and see how the population would grow. I hope you will follow along with me.
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UPDATE - Well since I had a major meltdown and lost Relfamtown, the Snookers are now in Sim Heaven and there will not be anymore updates on them :-( Out of the bad comes good though and Tesime is a new neighbourhood that I created for the Test of Time challenge. I hope you will enjoy their stories as well !

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Sunday, 7 August 2011

Tesime - Round Seven: The Stonegate chapter

After much negotiation with the other tribesmen a deal was struck to send Summer Stonegate and her younger sister Juno off to become mates. Since they were leaving the comfort of their own hearth for the first time, Dad Jared was on hand to make sure they got safely to their new homestead. There were still many wild animals that lurked in Tesime and the girls were not experienced with weapons to look after themselves - afterall that's what the men were for. When Jared returned home April was so happy to see him and hear all about his adventures and how the new land looked.

As things go in life their happiness was short lived. The very next night there was a terrible storm with lightning cracking from the sky. April began to wonder if maybe the Gods did not approve of their daughters matches when she heard blood curdling screams coming from the wooded area. She ran over to see her son engulfed in flames ! "Cruz !!!!" she screamed but he was already too far gone. Quickly she ran to make sure the rest of her offspring were out of harms way. Grabbing a bucket of water she rushed back to where Cruz lay only to see flames licking at her beloved Jared ! Instinct kicked in and she threw the water on Jared to douse the fire. This night there would only be one soul traveling to the other side. Once they knew their small hut was safe from further disaster April collapsed into a blubbering heap and the witch doctor was called to drive the demons from her head. Sadness descended aound their home and the upkeep was neglected. Soon pests arrived to feed on the garbage that was left around which threatened the whole family. This was the wakeup call the parents needed to get back to caring for the remaining children they had. It took several weeks to find the nests and kill off the vermin but order was restored just in time for April and Jared to welcome elderhood and little May to age to a child.
Stonegate: Jared, April, Marcus, Dawn and May