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The Sims, as anyone who plays can attest, takes on a life of its own. I created this blog so I could keep track of my sim stories and share them with others. I've always wanted to write stories but unfortunately I'm not very good at it lol I am hoping that just as my house building has improved so will my storytelling abilities.

My main family is called the Snookers. My goal was to move 1 sim into Relfamtown and see how the population would grow. I hope you will follow along with me.
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UPDATE - Well since I had a major meltdown and lost Relfamtown, the Snookers are now in Sim Heaven and there will not be anymore updates on them :-( Out of the bad comes good though and Tesime is a new neighbourhood that I created for the Test of Time challenge. I hope you will enjoy their stories as well !

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Saturday, 10 March 2012

Tesime - Round Eight : The Gallant-Benet chapter

The Gallant-Benet's were all about together time. As teenagers they were enjoying the new freedom that came with living on their own lot. Of course the chores still had to get done but they didn't take much time at all. Because they lived close to the sea, Annalise found some sea sponges that helped her clean around the hut while Basil, out hunting bugs one day, found some new squigglies that made fishing a breeze. In the twilight they would lie in the grass and look up at all the stars, play the new game of Tesime Finger Trap or hide and seek with the wildlife.
Gallant-Benet: Basil and Annalise


taliahneth said...

Hey Anna *waves* I love seeing the new lots with the teens and newlyweds, they're just so cute XD. It must be so refreshing to play yeah? I just realised, glancing at the date and all, that I'm 3 months away from my 2 year anniversary for this game o.o so at this rate, it's going to take me 20 years to complete! LoL!

Janet B said...

Hi Taliahneth ! Long time no see. How are things going? Yes these lots are a breeze to play - teenagers or early adults and just the 2 of them so before I know it the round it over. lol I was looking at my dates of birth for the first born sims and I see some are 2010. Thats just crazy to commit this much time to a game lol and of course no end in site. Im so much farther behind people who only started only a few months ago :-O

taliahneth said...

Yes I do seem to like to take weeks off at a time >.< I have a gazillion things I want to do but only so much time to do it in; don't we all! :P The first half of my last round went so quick, the sims didn't do much, but the families in the second half took a long time each now that they're all stars in the soap "Days of Sim Lives" XD I have 4 more families to update, then 3 more to play, and then Round 15 begins @__@ It IS crazy! I can't believe it, I've never lasted anywhere near this long for a challenge, but it's so unique and so much fun! I hear ya on the others O_O how do they get through an entire era in a couple of weeks?! >_> Maybe I don't really want to know. I'm just happy taking my own sweet time. Besides, I like reading your updates, your sims seem so much nicer than mine ^_^ with more moral integrity XD

Janet said...

"your sims seem so much nicer than mine ^_^ with more moral integrity XD"

What you really meant was your sims are so bloody boring !! LMFAO BTW I meant to ask if you have your Roman lots saved without people in them? If so do you think you could upload them to your site so I can download them to take a look at what you did?

This last round has gone pretty quick so I actually have stories already written on the blog and scheduled to post on the weekend. I am finding thats great because it keeps the blog active and I dont feel such a panic to create a story last minute. Biggest problem i found tonite tho is several families have almost no pics :-O !!! WTF happened? Im a pic queen lol

taliahneth said...

LOL no no no I don't find them boring at all! You'll just have to trust me on this one, when you have every lot bustling and every sim related to every other sim it gets so confusing that it's good to take a break and see what other people are doing, even if nothing's really going on haha *spade.hole.dig* Roman Lots... O_< I do have a few smaller ones... unfortunately not my Emperor's Palace since I only needed one of that - how do I upload them? I put a crap tonne of pictures on my website to show the layouts and all but I guess they aren't much help then >_>

Janet said...

HAHAHA too funny. Careful you might never get out of that hole :-p I forgot about the pics so I will have a look at them. To upload I guess you can always do it to your simpage?

taliahneth said...

I don't have a sim page ;_; I'm not very savvy with that sort of thing *sad face!* haha I guess if it's really wanted I could always try a blueprint type of plan. I'm not a huge fan of having to design and build the houses, I wish they could just appear on screen as I imagine them in my head ^__^ wouldn't that be awesome? I was inspired with the Roman Era and I'm kind of surprised myself how well they turned out, and even then I don't think they're much compared to some other designs I've seen but hey they work for me! ;p I fear for the next era >_> Dark Ages? *puts them all in brick squares* there ya go simmies, your very own pre-medieval castle! LoL

Janet said...

I know what you mean. When I see what others do I an in awe. Decor Im not much good with unfortunately. lol I will probably excel in the Dark Ages.