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The Sims, as anyone who plays can attest, takes on a life of its own. I created this blog so I could keep track of my sim stories and share them with others. I've always wanted to write stories but unfortunately I'm not very good at it lol I am hoping that just as my house building has improved so will my storytelling abilities.

My main family is called the Snookers. My goal was to move 1 sim into Relfamtown and see how the population would grow. I hope you will follow along with me.
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UPDATE - Well since I had a major meltdown and lost Relfamtown, the Snookers are now in Sim Heaven and there will not be anymore updates on them :-( Out of the bad comes good though and Tesime is a new neighbourhood that I created for the Test of Time challenge. I hope you will enjoy their stories as well !

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Sunday, 6 March 2011

Tesime - Round Six: The Phan chapter

Ashanti Phan had become a wonderful cook and loved to feed any neighbours who might drop by. Ping, not wanting to disappoint his mother and insult her wonderful talent, would eat up every bit she put in front of him. This had an adverse effect on his waist line. Since there are limited females around to mate with he might want to go for a few laps around the local huts and get back into shape ! My second genie lamp that I cannot use! Rebecca Lindt dropped by for some girl talk and as it always does they got talking men. I wonder if the train refers to the size or the speed of their husbands? LMAO All that talk must have sparked some interest because it wasn't long before Ashanti was running for the terlet ( thats what they are called in caveman days). Just once she thought, it would be nice to find it empty ! Two of the boys had aging ceremonies - Mykelti into a cute little child and Manchu into a *wolfwhistle* teen! Showing another range of Pooklet's skins the last child of Cimon and Ashanti was born. Another boy named Oringo which means no females for this lot at all ! In case you were wondering where the excuse 'a dog at my homework' came from - exhibit A :-)
Phan: Cimon, Ashanti, Ping, Manchu, Hasan, Mykelti and Oringo

Tesime population : 36
16 boys 10 girls


taliahneth said...

Hey Anna, how's it going? I see we've both been a little negligent in our aToT challenges ^__^ I have been checking in at the bbs forum even though it's been quiet, and when I saw VT's latest post I tried to comment but the last week or so I've had troubles loading the page, so when I tried to comment it didn't much like that and wouldn't load at all, and NOW I can't even open the forum at all ;_; it's so sad! I just started R12 (at last!) as well as trying to update the rest of R11 >_> I should not leave it so long... I wonder if you could be so kind as to let the others know I'm still around and will keep trying *cough fighting* with the forum ~__~ I hope all is well and you've just been lazy with your sims (like moi) LoL adieu~ taliah~

janet said...

Hi Taliah ! Well I have been having the same problems with the BBS. I tired to reply to VT as well with no luck and then I gave up. I think they are finally trying to push us out and get rid of everything Sims2. It must annoy them that so many havent made the leap to S3 :-O Hopefully our challenge partners have bookmarked our sites so at least we can keep in touch this way. You do have the chat box and forum on your site that you may let us use last chance :-)

Round 12 ?! omg you are a machine. How are you finding playing so many people now? Does that mean you will be then switching over to Roman era at the end of this round?

I have been playing but havent had a new update yet. 2 sets of teens have been moved out on their own lots now wooohooo ! That was a feat having to create an adult sim to move them around. I named her The Creator and now all new lots have the last name Creator lol Not sure if there is a way to change that or not. I am on the last sim day for the Gallant ( original family ) and then they will be updated. Hopefully this week !

Im so glad you dropped by. I do check your site every couple of days to see if there has been any update ;-) Your fans await !

taliahneth said...

It's so good to hear from you again, Anna. I had a "very strange" moment last night thinking to myself "how weird, the many ways to contact a person on the internet and yet one little forum doesn't work and - isolation doom!" Thankfully, my brain kicked back into gear and reminded me of the comments section, I thought you might have vanished though because of the lack of updates but now it's good again yay!

A machine - LoL! I feel really slack actually; I haven't played in about three weeks and it feels like forever @__@ It takes about 2 to 3 hours I think per family, and IF I play one a day (hardly!) then that takes a minimum of two weeks to get through a round - isn't that a lifetime?! I don't play like that though, according to my notes I started playing R11 on December 27th, very eerie then that I start R12 exactly 3 months later...oh wow, how long does that make this challenge now @__@ let's not discuss that huh...LoL And yes, a little spoiler for you! I won't say which family but I have a male teen sim hours away from aging into an adult...and I don't even have a mate for him yet >_> whoops, missed one. Playing so many sims isn't so bad - I do (amazingly) know them all personally, but I guess it's just like a teacher knows hundreds of students in her class? *not a teacher so don't quote that* quite a few stick out, especially ones involved in any "drama" or "stories" I have going in my head, others just sort of float by, but I love them all~ ^__^ honest~

Oh man I could go on for days about the Roman Era - I've spent hours already building for it and I have hardly anything ready yet *flops*. I started playing officially June 15 last year - so I'll strive to be ready for the Roman Era by then.

I'm so glad you're still playing! There's a few couples I'm excited to see properly united and see what children they produce - yay! I do have a solution to your problem ^__^ which is already on the BBS if it would work *hint hint forum mechanics!* I use this method for all my families so that I can still use the family cheat fund thingy - you create a separate sim in CAS with their last name whatever you want - for example; I have 4 Faulkner families, so when I started moving them out I created a CAS sim with the last name "Faulkner2" so the first son to move out of "Faulkner" moved onto the "Faulkner2" lot with the CAS sim, and then I MOVED OUT the CAS sim and deleted them - easy peasy~ And so it goes for each family - a new CAS sim per family with a new last name to make each block unique, so I now have 14 unique blocks. I think someone else had an even easier way than that but for the life of me I can't remember ~__~ oh well this way works for me.

And now this "comment" has become an essay, good lord! *rolls eyes upward* it's obviously been too long! LoL. I'm off to age up some teens now - adieu~


Janet said...

You are so right ! We are so connected but one thing goes down and all of a sudden we are at a total loss lol I have decided that no matter if I see any other updates I am going to keep plodding along with the challenge. Should my neighbourhood crash at some point you will hear the cry all the way downunder I can guarantee you that. Hmm ok saying that next time I log on I must backup lol

2 weeks for one round will sound like childs play later on Im sure ! But seriously how is this going to be possible to play so many sims once we progress thru the eras? Actually later on we can limit the kids so that will help for sure.

:-O a male teen to adult who is mateless?! I thought you paired them all up when they were teens with that naughty hack you got lol

I am going to make a very big request of you now ! When you build your Roman lots can you save them to the simbin? That way maybe you could share them with me :-D

haha @ CAS. I spent so much time creating that one adult sim to move everyone out Im not sure I could face that each time. But your idea is a very good one and I am probably going to do that for the next ones I move out. Im kinda anal about having the lots not the family names and its been bothering me.

taliahneth said...

hehehe "naughty hack", isn't it just *innocent face* LoL no, only the Emperor-to-be has a betrothed ready for when he ages and that's only because she's a Rosenberg so of no relation, all my other sims are so interrelated with each other it's actually quite tricky to pick a spouse, and because of that whole "boy boom" I had the first two rounds the girls are barely teens or still kids yet mostly. On top of that, yesterday I went through and sorted out "unrelated" girls and boys, and just as I started to pair them up I realised O_O there's a whole new set of rules for the Roman Era! So if I'm really strict it narrows the options down considerably, but I won't know for certain until I start the era, so I've decided not to pair anyone up until next round when they're all "converted" into Romans ^__^

Also, if I have every male on his own lot (with two exceptions) that's 22 family lots @__@ No...just no...I've cut out one lot already (poor cursed Lichtenbergs) that's 13 now from 14, so I decided to be strict and not have more than 20 lots at most, at least for the next gen, which includes the "new family" I'm allowed to add - don't forget them! (almost did >_<). According to the history sites I've googled Roman Plebs lived cramped in small quarters and I imagine most families would live together like that so I've doubled up a lot of the brothers - I want the play style to be a bit different, keep things interesting yeah? While the girls take jobs as maids and stuff for higher ups etc. So now I'm down to 14 - amazing! Plus the new family makes 15 so I'm really chuffed about that ^__^ It also means less babies *aww* so less radical expansion like the last two rounds @__@ (famous last words)

I'm both embarrassed and delighted you think my Roman lots good enough to be shared! I've never shared lots before so I'm not sure how but I'll certainly be saving them so I'll give it a go.

As for CAS sims that are born just to serve our evil god-hand purpose *evil laugh* The trick is to not worry about what they look like or any of their stats because their lives are short lived anyway, you just need their last name to be unique for each lot, so in CAS just do as little as possible that is required - I think the names and the aspirations is it really? - whatever they look like (and I've had some bizarre ones =O )doesn't matter. Good luck!

janet said...

OMG you got your Emperor picked out already !? I still dont know who it will be but if its skin 1's then that goes to Lindt's or Stonegate's. How did you do your heirs? I was thinking usually eldest get that honour but since the lots are full and I want to make some room now Im thinking youngest males instead.

Ive read the Roman homes would be low buildings surrounding a courtyard (the rooms on the outside perimeter with the courtyard in the center ) and rooms are pretty small as well. Doesnt sound like environment score will be too high lol

Its terribly easy to share lots. Once you build it and before you put any peeps in click on the lot from the neighbourhood view. I think it says export to simpage or package lot? Im not at home now so I dont know exactly but if you get lost let me know and I can help you out. Then you will add it to your simpage ( upload lot ) and I can download from there :-)

taliahneth said...

Yes, the Emperor is ready to go! *tongue in cheek* I'm not sure how well he'll go as an Emperor, he's a bit of a sweetheart, excessively playful, and a great family person who wouldn't know an angry sim if they slapped him in the face. I expect if he was real he would throw his money to the people and free all the slaves and...oh I just killed off the Roman Era before it began >_>

I'm desperate for an Emperor's Palace plan! The only one I have is for Nero's 3km long abode =_= yeah somehow that's not going to work for me...I need something extravagant, luxurious...and small ^__^ because once those big lots start filling up with sims they are a pain in the booty to play, right? On that note - I have built a Plebeian abode - yay! It's simple because apparently they live on top of, or behind, their businesses, in one room apartments; the quarters are supposed to be very crowded with not enough beds for everyone (if beds at all) and NO toilets @__@ oh my poor sims. I already built a Patrician house weeks ago and although it's on the small side I'm sticking with it coz it's awesome. I used this website here for the Patrician house plan the Pleb one I made up myself. As for the slaves...>_> the ones not working for higher powers, I'm thinking something very simple, like the smallest lot with maybe an apple tree and tiny vege patch and one/two room shack?

I had another go at the family situations last night and so I decided to start the Roman era off with the eldest boys as heirs, because some of my families are of mixed colours, but I can kick them out to their own region later if need be.

If you don't want to expand into new lots, and use the youngest as heirs, doesn't that mean you'll have a lot full of oldies still anyway? On that note - Are you going to keep to your five original lots to keep play time down or slowly expand?

I shall try exporting a lot today and see what happens ^__^ fingers crossed!

janet said...

When I read biggest lots for the emperor I groaned - yes they are a horror to play and it takes sooooo long to get from one place to the other ! Thankfully there is only one needed :-D

Oh that site has some great explanations of the rooms and how they were used ! I will be sure to make good use of that. Excellent find.

I moved the teen couples out on their own lots so when they turn adults they can have babies right away. If I left them on the original lots I would prob need to kill someone off just to move the wife in since they are all pretty much at the max already - remember Im playing with the original max of 8 sims per lot. By the time the yougest heirs grow up the elders will be dead thus making room when they start their families. Or in theory thats how I thought it would work lol

I think for the Roman era I will bulldoze all the houses currently in Tesime and then start with brand new homes to reflect the time. Plus I might have to redo some of the scenery since Im all beachy themed right now.

All the sims will have to go to the simbin in that case and be shuffled around to their respective lots anyway. Wow thats going to be a nightmare or at least it sounds it in my head lol The original lots I (will)save in the simbin to future in case I ever need them.

Let me know how the uploading goes ! Good luck.